APWA Reporter magazine Editorial Guidelines

A query letter or phone call to Kevin Clark (800-848-2792, ext 5230 or direct dial 816-595-5230) is highly advised.

Articles may be submitted in the following manners:

  • Electronic transmission via e-mail to kclark@apwa.net. It is acceptable to send the article either as an attachment or to contain the text within the body of the e-mail.
  • A CD is acceptable. It is best to submit the text in Microsoft Word. Always include a hard copy of article to ensure accuracy.

Writing style should be magazine style (Associated Press style) written in third person.

Photographs, illustrations, graphs, etc. are welcome. Please include captions with each. Please submit as JPEG, TIFF or PDF file on disk or by e-mail. Should be at least 300 dpi. Photo credits are allowed.

All articles must have a byline. A short bio of the author and picture may be included.

All articles should end with a contact number to publish for readers to call for more information. Also, include a number to call for clarification or verification of article. This number need not be published.

Articles published in the APWA Reporter are the exclusive property of the American Public Works Association. To request permission to photocopy or reprint any APWA article, contact the editor at kclark@apwa.net.

Articles previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere should be so noted. We generally avoid reprinting articles from other publications.

Articles must be submitted at least six weeks prior to first of the month of publication. For example, July 25 is the deadline for an article to appear in September issue. Special permission may be granted for late submittal with prior arrangement.

Articles should be between 700 and 1200 words. Longer articles are sometimes accepted if the subject matter warrants it.

Acceptance or assignment of articles does not guarantee publication, immediate or otherwise.

APWA reserves the right to edit the articles in keeping with accepted standards of style, form, and content.

No payment is made for articles, photography, or other illustrations. Obtaining permission to use photographs is the responsibility of the submitting party.

APWA reserves the right to refuse publication for any reason.