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Leadership and Management Committee

Make a Difference - Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Leadership and Management Committee! Details about time involvement, expectations of committee members and the appointment process and committee activities are provided below. To make a nomination: sign in to MyAPWA, then use the orange 'National Nominations' button. Deadline: March 23rd!
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Expectations of Committee Members
Open Positions for 2018-2019
Committee's Mission: To advance public works professionalism through research, application and advocacy of innovative leadership and best management practices and to provide resources to public works professionals in management and leadership.

The public works profession is ever evolving; as exemplified by the fact that many of our agencies are finally being recognized as “first responders” and with that come even more responsibilities; we are being tasked to provide more with less; and the realization of looming retirements and the need to capture as much of that knowledge before it leaves. These are just a few of the challenges that lay ahead for public works professionals.

The Committee fulfills its mission by utilizing a network of APWA chapter liaisons, the LM Knowledge Team, and other knowledge sources to provide leadership and management resources you'll find in the APWA Store, the Members' Library, the APWA Reporter magazine, the Resource Center area, the Click Listen and Learn programs and sessions at APWA national conferences.
A Message from Chas Jordan, Leadership and Management Committee Chair, 2017-2018
The Leadership & Management Committee serves the American Public Works Association by providing materials, training, and insight into the needs of today's Public Works leaders and managers.  We would love to have your input, and if you are interested, to serve on our Knowledge Team! If you would like to be involved in the work of the Leadership and Management Committee, please contact one the committee members. The Opportunities to Participate page might give you some ideas! Our Committee thrives on new ideas, please feel free to share yours! 

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Leadership and Management Committee Charter
Leadership and Management Work Plan 2017-2018