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Government Affairs

Public policy decisions affect public works professionals and their day-to-day jobs in dramatic ways. Because they are on the front lines providing essential services to their communities, the men and women of public works are often first to see and experience the impact of legislative and regulatory decisions. This is why APWA members are important stakeholders in advocating for infrastructure financing and funding, providing for transportation infrastructure, supporting water resiliency, and recognizing and supporting emergency management and response. In order to make informed and effective decisions, it is imperative policy makers consistently hear from APWA and our more than 30,000 members.

Helping to lead the advocacy charge for APWA is the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). Members of the GAC are responsible for identifying, drafting, and promoting APWA’s public policy priorities. In conjunction with APWA’s Board of Directors, membership, and staff, the GAC works diligently to advance APWA’s policy priorities and is the voice of public works to government leaders and the media.

Contact Congress!
APWA’s Legislative Action Center is the gateway to communicating with your Congressional members. Here you may send messages to your U.S. Representatives and Senators on legislation being considered by Congress which may impact public works.

Government Affairs infoNOW Community
The infoNOW Communities are members only forums for exchange of ideas and solutions to today's public works issues. The Government Affairs infoNOW Community focuses on messages, information and updates on public works issues, regulations, legislation, and advocacy activities.