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For Employers

As an employer, APWA’s certification programs give you confidence in hiring an individual that has the knowledge, skills and training that will benefit your local government, and keep moving it forward in an ever-changing environment.

When hiring an individual with a nationally-recognized APWA Public Fleet Professional, Public Infrastructure Inspector or Stormwater Manager certification, you have confidence that those individuals:

  • Bring a comprehensive approach and better understanding of their public works discipline to the table.
  • Possess valuable industry knowledge, best practices and the commitment needed to serve your community.
  • Are well-prepared for the many challenges and opportunities that your agency may face in today’s public works environment.
  • Are capable of running a cost effective and efficient operation.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of not only their program area but also those areas that impact what and how they do their job.
  • Add credibility with your customer base, especially when establishing relationships with various operating departments.
  • Have acquired the skills needed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their program and to know how to make informed decisions backed by solid data.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuing education and lifelong development in public works.
  • Will remain up-to-date on new trends, techniques and technology through APWA’s recertification requirements.
  • Will take your agency to the next level.
  • Will elevate the level of public works services in your community.

Learn more about APWA’s CPFP, CPII and CSM certifications by clicking any of the links on the right-hand side of this page.

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