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What Is Public Works Accreditation?

What are the guidelines used to accredit an agency?

Is accreditation required of public works agencies?

Must an agency meet all practices in the manual to be accredited?

What if an agency is prohibited from complying with a practice?

What agencies are eligible for accreditation?

Who is the accrediting body?

How long does the accreditation last before it must be repeated?

Is there an appeal process?

What is the Self Assessment process?

Is accreditation an intensive process?

How is proof of compliance with the practices accomplished?

Who conducts the onsite assessment?

Can an agency review the names and qualifications of evaluators in advance?

What are the major steps in the accreditation process?

What resources are available to prepare for accreditation?

Are there disadvantages to accreditation?

What does accreditation cost?

What if an agency fails to achieve accreditation?

What is involved in re-accreditation?

What are the benefits of the accreditation process?

What if I have more questions?