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Tools for Becoming Accredited

Public Works Management Practices Manual

Self Assessment, A Process for Improvement

Self assessment using the Public Works Management Practices Manual is a valuable tool for determining how an agency's policies, procedures and practices compare to recommended practices identified by nationally recognized experts in the field of public works. Agencies can use the recommended practices contained in the manual as a model for developing or improving existing practices to enhance performance, increase productivity, and to strengthen employee morale.

Benefits of Self Assessment:

  • Improve effectiveness
  • Promote staff and community pride
  • Clarify budget needs
  • Identify operation and management needs
  • Enhance professional image
  • Promote team work and staff development
  • Encourage interdepartmental coordination
  • Identify duplication and wasted effort
  • Promote public awareness
  • Improve communication
  • Prepare for agency accreditation


Host a Self Assessment and Accreditation Workshop

Learn About Improving Operations & Management

Hosting a Self Assessment and Accreditation Workshop in your area is an excellent way to examine and evaluate your agency's current management policies and procedures. You'll learn how to target problem areas, identify opportunities, and improve the overall effectiveness of all your public works operations. These workshops are designed for public works directors, managers, supervisors, and accreditation managers, as well as municipal administrators performing public works functions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement a self-assessment process for your agency to benchmark overall performance and improve existing practices.
  • Use the Public Works Management Practices Manual as a tool to develop or improve existing practices.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the overall effectiveness of your public works operation and increase employee morale.

For more information about hosting a workshop, contact the APWA Accreditation staff at or 800-848-2792.