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North America Chapters offer one of the most immediate, easy and cost-effective opportunities to exchange information with colleagues and to keep up to date on the latest public works technologies and management trends. Organized within nine regions, APWA's 63 chapters are located throughout North America and serve virtually every metropolitan area, state, province and region on the continent.


The same educational, networking and public service activities as the national organization, but closer to home so you can easily take advantage of them!

Use the Chapter Websites page to find out what an APWA or CPWA chapter is doing in your area. While the number of meetings in a calendar year differs from chapter to chapter, each holds at least one annual meeting for its membership.
Canadian provinces

Canadian Chapters

The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) was founded in 1986 to enhance the services of the American Public Works Association to the Canadian public works community and to improve the quality of public works products and services to Canadian citizens. Membership in CPWA includes membership in APWA.

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