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Chapter Websites

APWA has 63 chapters in North America.  Click on your state or province below for a quick link to the APWA or CPWA chapter near you.  Some chapters cover large jurisdictions and have formed branches to bring educational and networking opportunities to an even more specific geographical area, use the Branches page to find out if your chapter also contains branches.

Canadian Chapters

British Columbia
Labrador  (part of Newfoundland-Labrador Chapter)  
New Brunswick  (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)  
Newfoundland  (part of Newfound-Labrador Chapter)  
Northwest Territories  (part of Alberta Chapter)  
Nova Scotia  (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)  
Prince Edward Island  (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)  
Yukon Territory  (part of British Columbia Chapter)                                                                                                                         

Additional information about Association activities in Canada can be found on the CPWA website